TiCom ERP at Handlos Holzindustrie
Find out how TiCom ERP supports a modern high-performance sawmill at Handlos Holzindustrie.

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"... For this reason, we closed the sawmill in Tragwein in 1999, but in 2020, we corrected this mistake and put Summerau back into operation."

Herbert Handlos - Holzindustrie Herbert Handlos

New high-performance sawmill in Summerau

Herbert Handlos Holzindustrie in Summerau, northern Mühlviertel, Austria.

In Summerau, a new sawmill covers an area of about 14 hectares. It has a modern sawing line with a cutting capacity of 650,000 cubic meters per year and a drying capacity of 120,000 cubic meters per year.


TiCom has been in use at Handlos Holzindustrie for a long time. With the latest investment in the sawmill, the decision was made to use the latest version of TiCom. Last summer, both the Tragwein and Pregarten processing plants were upgraded to the latest version of TiCom. This software makes it possible to manage the entire process from the procurement of logs to the final product.

Thanks to TiCom, no new orders need to be triggered in the procurement of logs. All parties involved have access to the data and can quickly access information. This maintains an overview of the tasks that have been carried out and those that are pending.

TiCom is an ERP system developed specifically for the timber industry. It covers the entire process, from planning to delivery.

Marcus Wieser - Head of TiCom ERP

From initial pre-contracts and procurement to the creation of delivery bills, invoices and shipping documents, TimberTec enables seamless integration of various business processes. This integration not only improves efficiency, but also simplifies accounting and controlling procedures and provides a comprehensive overview of the company's financial performance.

TiCom ERP in use

The implementation of TiCom marked a turning point in the success story of "Holzindustrie Herbert Handlos". By using this innovative ERP solution, the company experienced a remarkable transformation in its wood processing operations. With optimized workflows, efficient production and real-time insights, TimberTec enabled the team to set new standards in efficiency and excellence. As the software continues to evolve and support the company's growth, "Holzindustrie Herbert Handlos" is confident in its decision to leverage the power of TimberTec - an indispensable tool that ensures success in the ever-changing wood industry.

"We are very satisfied with TimberTec's software solution. It maps the complete process, optimizes our process and if we have any questions they are always on our side and responsive."

Alexander Grossberger - Work preparation and production

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