Driver of digitalization in the timber industry

The TimberTec team in a group photo taken at LIGNA 2023 in Hanover.

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TimberTec, Eutin/DE, has been successfully building a bridge between the timber- and software industry for almost 25 years.
In addition to the important customer contact, the Ligna in Hanover was also used to present a data exchange platform for the timber industry to the public with TimberTec Partners.

by Raphael Kerschbaumer in Holzkurier issue 23 | 09.06.2023

Especially in production and warehouse logistics, timber industries depend on modern and reliable ERP systems. With TiCom, TimberTec offers a software solution that was developed specifically for the needs and requirements of the timber industry. Depending on the product and the type of timber processing industry, TiCom adapts modularly to the customer and thus delivers a tailor-made product. "We have counted many large Central European wood industries among our satisfied customers for years. Most recently, we were also able to successfully convince further companies in Scandinavia of our solution with Holmen, Södra and Fiskarheden," Andreas Boll, TimberTec's Managing Director, gave an insight into recent projects in the Ligna trade fair discussion.

An end to interface problems

This year's Ligna was also used to offer TimberTec Partners, one of the latest TimberTec products, an appropriate stage. Employees from procurement and purchasing know the problem: The multitude of diverse products in different dimensions and qualities often turns ordering processes into laborious processes - including e-mail loops full of queries. TimberTec has recognized this problem and immediately presents the solution with TimberTec Partners. In summary, TimberTec Partners is a seamless digital interface that significantly simplifies the exchange between supplier and customer. "Many companies already have great automated systems internally. Until now, however, these usually ended at the respective company boundaries.
This is now a thing of the past," explained Boll. The tool for automated, secure order processing is an additional function in TiCom, which moves the entire order process beyond the company's own system boundaries to a cloud. This means that orders can be placed directly from the ERP system and land immediately with the respective supplier without any detours. "Important operational processes are thus not only accelerated, but also significantly simplified," said Boll, aware of the advantages of the new digital tool.

"TimberTec - a GENII-Company"

"The product remains the same. In terms of marketing, however, we have undergone a minor rebranding and also given our website a visual and content facelift," said Boll, describing the new brand strategy. Background: In search of an experienced partner in the software sector, TimberTec 2022 sold company shares to the Swedish company Iptor, which has specialized for years in ERP, supply chain management and logistics software for SMEs. As a result, TimberTec is now also part of the GENII Software Group and, on a par with Iptor, part of the parent company GENII. "With the integration into the GENII Software Group, expansion into new markets is now on the agenda, with a focus on Scandinavia and North America. GENII is already well established in these markets," TimberTec states.