Wood products and technology fair 2024

Meet TimberTec at the wood products and technology fair 2024 in Gothenburg, Trä&Teknik. Picture of Gothenburg and Gothia Towers.
TimberTec participates in the "Wood Products and Technology" trade fair, "Trä&Teknik" 2024 in Gothenburg.

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Meet TimberTec at the "Wood products and technology" fair between September 3-6, 2024 in Gothenburg, 1st floor stand B05:41. We are looking forward to presenting a variety of developments and new products, as well as our joint journey with DataPolarna, now part of TimberTec. Arrange a meeting today to meet TimberTec.

What is the "Wood products and technology" fair?

The trade fair is the largest and most important trade fair in the Nordic region and is THE MEETING POINT for wood processing and for every company in the wood industry.

Where can you meet us?

TimberTec locations and TimberTec customer locations on a map of Europe. TimberTec is now available for our customers with 6 locations and over 150 experts.

You will find TimberTec on the 1st floor, stand B05:41, where we will be presenting our extensive product portfolio for the timber industry to interested trade visitors.

You will find DataPolarna in Sawtec Street, Stand B04:10. Here you can find out first-hand about the joint path with TimberTec and what this means for you.

Focus topics of the trade fair

Circular production in the timber industry

Resource-conserving production and efficiency in the use of resources is and will become an increasingly important topic in the timber industry and beyond. As a company in the wood industry, we have an obligation to the environment and society to play a pioneering role in the responsible use of natural resources. Our solutions help our customers to get the highest possible yield from the valuable resource timber and thus contribute to a circular and sustainable economy.

The global timber industry

Increasing globalization brings a multitude of opportunities but also challenges for the timber industry. International exports and cooperation require both digitalization and technological innovation, from procurement to production lines to transport. A global economy is becoming increasingly important, especially in our export-oriented industry. Global companies need a global partner, and we at TimberTec have taken the important steps to accompany our customers on this journey.

Sustainable building with timber

Timber is THE BUILDING MATERIAL OF THE FUTURE. We, and increasingly society at large, are convinced of this. Affordable and liveable living space and a reduction in emissions in the construction sector can be achieved through the use of timber . Timber construction also has several advantages in terms of speed and opens up new design perspectives. We can also observe this trend among our customers, where there is an increasing demand for glued laminated timber (GLT), cross laminated timber (CLT) and solid structural timber (KVH) solutions. Together with our customers, we have realized a large number of successful projects to support and drive this change.

Holistic ERP for panel plant

At our customer, Theurl Austrian Premium Timber, an entire panel plant runs with TiCom ERP. A fully automated warehouse and an optimized production flow through visualization increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, also for Theurl. Read more here!

Mapping everything with one ERP

The entire CLT production process at our customer Holzbauwerk Schwarzwald is mapped in TiCom. From purchasing and sales, through warehouse management and production planning, to truck loading. Read more here!

Resource-efficient future of supply chains in the timber industry

From the forest to the finished product, the focus on a traceable and transparent supply chain is becoming increasingly important in the timber industry. KEYWORD EUDR! Here, too, we offer our customers innovative solutions to successfully master these challenges and thus contribute to a sustainable and deforestation-free future. Read more here!

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