The woodworking industry requires digitalization

Anders Marklund from DataPolarna and Kristian Niklasson, now together as TimberTec. Background with superimposed text: "Interview, with Kristian Niklasson".
In this interview, Kristian Niklasson, Managing Director at TimberTec, talks about the recent acquisition of DataPolarna AB and the unique benefits of a complete product offering.

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Text and image: Dagens Industri, TimberTec; Translation: TimberTec 12.12.2023

The timber industry is currently undergoing profound change, including greater sustainability, the development of new products and increasing internationalization. In order to streamline their processes, reduce their carbon footprint and achieve greater competitiveness, wood-producing companies today need modern IT support.

Sweden is the world's third largest exporter of sawn timber products. But many changes in the world in recent years have had an impact on Swedish timber producers.

As a result, it has become increasingly important to adapt business processes to these changes. Limited supply and increased costs for raw materials, transport and energy require efficiency gains through digitalization.
This is where we come in and help our customers to produce more efficiently and get the most out of their raw materials," says Kristian Niklasson, Managing Director of TimberTec.

We now see that the transition to a sustainable world will make the use of timber , among other things, increasingly interesting - timber as an alternative to steel and concrete in the construction industry.

Climate change creates unique opportunities for the timber industry, but also new requirements for products and deliveries. These, together with new legal requirements, certifications and increased sustainability requirements, require modern IT systems, says Kristian Niklasson

Digitalization in the timber industry

TimberTec, which has been developing software solutions for the timber industry since 1990, helps its customers to create growth through digitalization. The company's customers include sawmills,
manufacturers of glulam and cross laminated timber, the wood processing industry and timber traders in Sweden, Europe and internationally.

By specializing in the digitization of the wood industry, we have built up a great understanding of the challenges and a broad knowledge of the processes in the industry over the years. We also operate internationally and have a size that allows us to always be at the forefront of technology. This assures our customers that our products always adapt to the needs of the industry," explains Kristian Niklasson.

Recently TimberTec merged with the Swedish software specialist DataPolarna, which means that TimberTec now has even better opportunities to deliver software solutions to the wood industry in Sweden and internationally.

Kristian Niklasson, Managing Director of TimberTec.

Swedish Managing Director Kristian Niklasson is aware of the challenges and digitalization potential in the wood industry.

This means that we are strengthening our local presence in Sweden and the other Nordic countries with more than 40 Swedish specialists. The merger also gives us an expanded product and service portfolio, which will benefit our customers," summarizes Kristian Niklasson.

TimberTec facts

TimberTec locations and TimberTec customer locations on a map of Europe. TimberTec is now there for our customers in the wood industry with 6 locations and over 150 experts.

With more than 30 years of industry experience, TimberTec develops complete solutions - from log to invoice - for sawmills, glued laminated timber and cross laminated timber manufacturers, the wood processing industry and timber traders
. With 150 specialists at 6 locations in Sweden, Germany and Austria, we are close to our customers, their businesses and their challenges.