Western Archrib selects TimberTec as ERP provider

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TimberTec's European market leadership as a basis for expansion into North America

Eutin, January 16, 2024: TimberTec announced today that Western Archrib has selected TimberTec's timber ERP solution TiCom. Western Archrib is part of the Alberta (Canada) based Northland Group of Companies. The agreement includes the provision of the ERP and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for Western Archrib's new glulam plant in Alberta. The new facility is part of an $82 million investment that will triple Western Archrib's glulam production capacity and is expected to be operational by mid-2025.

Western Archrib is TimberTec's first glulam customer in North America. The agreement therefore represents a significant milestone in driving TimberTec's global expansion based on its European market leadership. Western Archrib chose TiCom because of its flexibility to adapt to the specific requirements of its latest generation glulam production. By leveraging its strengths in solid wood production, TimberTec aims to harness the potential of glulam as a building material for a carbon-neutral future. According to Acumen Research and Consulting, global sales of solid wood (glulam and cross-laminated timber) are expected to increase from one billion US dollars in 2022 to three billion US dollars in 2030.

"We now have our dream team together for the project," says Craig Ewashko, co-owner of Northland Forest Products Ltd: "That's the machine supplier and the machine PLC programming as well as the MES, ERP system and work preparation from TimberTec."

"We are delighted that Western Archrib has chosen TimberTec and are very much looking forward to a successful partnership," says Andreas Boll, co-founder of TimberTec. "Western Archrib is a forward-thinking, innovative company. And we are proud that we can help our customers prepare their future. We do this by identifying their challenges and opportunities and helping them to solve them. This is the key to our continued growth." TiCom supports complex glulam production and, thanks to its modular structure, can be tailored precisely to the specific requirements of glulam manufacturers, as well as sawmills and timber merchants. In addition, TimberTec has the scale and expertise to deliver state-of-the-art ERP solutions for the timber industry worldwide. The systems used at Western Archrib include TiCom's glulam solutions, the production control system (MES) and TiCom ERP.

Pictured (l-r): Stephan Lampe, Sales Manager TimberTec; Craig Ewashko, co-owner Northland Forest Products Ltd; Andreas Boll, Managing Director and co-founder of TimberTec

About Western Archrib

Western Archrib is a leading company in the development, manufacture and customization of glued laminated timber construction systems. The product range includes glulam made from spruce, Douglas fir and Alaskan cedar as well as Westdek panel products made from cross-laminated timber and glulam. The company's production is certified to the national standards of Canada and the United States.

About TimberTec

TimberTec is the European market leader for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the timber industry. Through TiCom, TimberTec offers a complete ERP system that supports the business from logs to customized product delivery. TimberTec's focus on the timber industry enables a deep understanding of the industry's customers, their business and their strategic direction.